London Air Quality Map

I was looking for a good source of data on London’s Air Pollution and it turned out to be trickier than I expected. I initially tried using King’s College London Environmental Research Group’s dataset on air quality, which produces daily data at several stations across London. It came to me as a great surprise, however, when the entire map showed me a very low level of pollution across the city… not exactly in line with the haze and exhausts we see around us! Long story short, I ended up using the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Multiple Deprivation Index data. This data is aggregated at LSOA level and I looked at Living Environment Deprivation.


In grey are areas of high environmental deprivation, whereas greener areas benefit from better conditions.



I also had a little play with symbology. Sure, it doesn’t convey the message quite as clearly but… isn’t that blue really pretty?




Finally, I also overlayed the Total Carbon Emissions by Borough (2014) dataset produced by the Department of Energy & Climate Change, leaving the LSOA layer visible by transparency. This indicator and this level of data aggregation shows a very different picture:


It appears that while West London (Heathrow etc) are the main contributors to total carbon emissions, Central London remains the main area of environmental deprivation.

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